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  • Tower ruler

    Tower ruler

    Foot tower is also a kind of measuring tools, in general there are three meters and five meters two kinds of specifications, our company into the tower ruler can be for users to customize different levels, length, feet and body a variety of digital leveli

  • Ruler support frame

    Ruler support frame

    Previous:Deruipu Product image display and accessories

  • High precision Manganese steel ruler

    High precision Manganese steel ruler

    The ruler body of Manganese steel is made of aluminum alloy material. The appearance design ensure that it is not easy deformation in the process of using, and it is convenient for measurers to carry and measure;

  • High precision Invar leveling staff

    High precision Invar leveling staff

    The measured value is accurate and can be traceable to national benchmark is the feature achieved dependent on the partition stripe of the ruler that invar barcode staff must have.

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